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Addiction Recovery Alexa and Google Home Skill

Helpful Tools for Daily Life in Recovery

Nova’s addiction recovery skill, Sober Now, is available on Alexa and Google Home. This ad-free skill is perfect for people in all stages of recovery and offers a variety of sobriety tools that can help you prioritize your recovery, maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, and prevent relapse. Here’s what you’ll get with the Sober Now skill:
  • Inspiring and positive quotes: Uplifting and powerful quotes to help you stay motivated and banish feelings of discouragement and self-hate.
  • Statistics about addiction and recovery: Recent statistics from trusted sources to empower you with up-to-date information regarding the scope of addiction and recovery in America.
  • Helpful self-care tips: Realistic suggestions for self-care to help you maintain a stable mood and have more energy and motivation.
  • Podcast episodes: Short podcast episodes designed to be informative and encouraging, with useful tips and interesting topics like:
    • 4 Tips to Cope With Social Anxiety in Recovery
    • 8 Ways to Deal With Cravings in Recovery
    • 9 Natural Highs that Support a Life in Recovery
    • 9 Practical Ways to Have More Gratitude in Recovery
    • 10 Habits of Highly Successful Sober College Students
    • 7 Positive Things You Realize About Yourself When You Get Sober
    • 7 Ways Outdoor Activities Support Your Sobriety
Whether your sober journey has just begun or you’ve been in recovery for several months or years, the Sober Now skill has something for everyone. Try it out today!

Download it to your favorite home assistant today!

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