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When I first entered the rooms of recovery, I thought my life would consist of meetings and the occasional cup of coffee if I had enough money to donate into the basket. Already beaten down and tired from the life I had been living, it didn’t seem that bad at all.  My expectations on what recovery looked like when I first enter the rooms, is completely different today. You hear it all the time in the rooms “we aren’t a glum lot “, that if “the newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence they wouldn’t want it” and they surely would go back to what they were doing before. So you might be wondering what a bunch of recovering drug addicts and alcoholics do for fun? On Saturday Team NOVA, along with 17 other teams took the field to participate in the 2nd annual coed sober softball tournament.  Hosted by RecoveryATX, an organization in Austin, Texas dedicated to strengthening the recovery community providing educational opportunities, recreational activities and support services. Around 250 recovering addicts laced up their cleats and put their softball mitts on for some sober fun. Recovery isn’t just about big books and coffee. The fellowship and unity found in Saturdays Softball Tournament was overwhelming. Teams cheered each other on. Softballs were slammed out of the park, and remarkable plays were made. After each game, both teams met in the center of the diamond to circle up and say a few words. Everyone had a reason for being on the softball fields that early morning, we wanted to show others that this life is not a boring one. Losing by 1 point in their second game, NOVAs dream of winning the tournament ended. After the game the team went out for some lunch together. Conversations about the tournament filled the table. I learned in recovery that it’s not all about winning, that I can still have fun even when I lose. The happy joyous feeling overwhelmed by spirit, I was surrounded by friends and family throughout the day. Much like the Oklahoma Sooners, after their loss to Villanova, Team NOVA looks to regroup and move forward. “I was hoping it didn’t end like this. My players were outstanding, I’m not disappointed with the results, just look at what these men have accomplished in their own lives. These men were active drug addicts and alcoholics not that long ago.  It’s amazing to watch these guys turn their life around.”  Their coach and team manager said later that day. We will be back, Villanova won’t be the only NOVA team people talk about, we will get there just like they did.

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