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Sober Living in Austin

Gender-specific sober living houses in Austin

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Eudaimonia sober living homes allow residents to continue their recovery in a structured and safe environment. These homes offer daily flexibility and provide each resident with the life skills needed to succeed during recovery. There is no minimum length of stay and a resident can leave when they are ready to take the next step in their recovery.

Whats makes us unique

All residents are enrolled in ourĀ Addiction Monitoring Program, or AMP. This program includes an assigned coach who provides sober support and acts as a liaison with family members. The coaches, called Program Coordinators, offer weekly contact via phone and in person and provides a consistent source of support for our residents. Our sober support staff are versed in the 12 step program and offer unique insight into the challenges of early sobriety for residents. Random Urine drug testing offers accountability for all residents.

  • Semi Private Rooms with Flat Screen TV
  • Private Rooms upon Request
  • Chef Prepared Meals

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