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Why Detox?

Addiction is a treatable disease and every person has the ability to overcome it with the right support. Medical detox is an important first step in this process and it can help you establish a sober lifestyle that is sustainable. Detox gives your body the chance to heal and recover from repeated substance abuse as you prepare for ongoing treatment.

Our staff makes the process easier by managing withdrawal symptoms and providing compassionate clinical care for issues like anxiety or depression. If you’re ready to make a change and start fresh, medical detox at Briarwood may be right for you.


Comfortable, Private Amenities

  • Spacious semi-private rooms
  • Single platform beds
  • Outdoor lounge/seating area
  • Quiet, historic neighborhood

Comprehensive Detox Services

  • Medically drug and alcohol detox
  • Individualized treatment programs
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Family support

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

“Great staff, capable and well informed about treatment. From the time of the initial call with Matt to all those persons, Terri G., Rita and others that provided great comfort in the fact that they KNOW what their facility is able to provide- coupled with the expertise of their staff.” —Lara C.

“Top notch service !! Made me feel comfortable during this pressing time in my life and they truly helped rescue me from the pits of opiate addiction!!” —Lewis B.

“Great in all categories! Staff, cleanliness, comfortability, you name it! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as I’ve never been to a detox facility. I was welcomed by warm and friendly staff whom I feel are genuinely caring and focused on patients’ care. I felt very comfortable and welcomed in my dark hour of transitioning back into sobriety. I would recommend Briarwood-Houston to anyone faced with having to check-in to a detox facility.” —Tom C.

Have Questions?

What type of detox do you offer?

We provide medically-assisted detox treatment for all addictive drugs and alcohol.

How can I pay for detox?

We offer self-pay options and work with many different insurance providers to maximize your health insurance benefits. We can also explore Employee Assistance Programs with you.

How will you protect my privacy while I’m in detox?

Your personal information is completely confidential and will not be revealed to anyone unless you provide written consent. We also provide an Executive Detox Program for those who prefer deluxe privacy options and amenities.

What makes your detox center different?

Our detox treatment is tailored to your needs. By using a combination of evidence-based addiction treatment methods, peer support, and experiential activities like art, music, and H&I meetings, we treat body, mind, and soul.

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