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Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

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Overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol will likely be one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever face. Addiction is a devastating, debilitating disease. Its fallout can be far-reaching and long lasting, with negative impacts on your life and the lives of everyone around you. NOVA Recovery Center, a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, understands recovery is a continuous process. Our continuum of care, is specifically designed for the highest possible outcomes for long-term sobriety. Contacting Nova Recovery residential drug and alcohol treatment center is the first step to changing lives.

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Nova Recovery Continuum Of Care

Nova Residential Treatment

90 Days Residential Services

Nova’s 90 day residential drug and alcohol treatment center gives addicts and alcoholics more time to adjust to their new way of life, more time to work on the mental and spiritual tools they will use upon their transition to the outside world. It also provides more time to get to know how to live in a community of recovery, supporting others and being supported. Read more…

Sober Living

Transitioning from a residential drug and alcohol treatment center to independent life can be difficult. With continued support in sober living focusing on your mental health, chronic relapse resources, available life coaching and more, we will help you make the transition from residential drug and alcohol treatment center to an independent, substance-free life. Read more…

Personal Monitoring

Extra support in early recovery is essential. During your first year, you will begin to stand on your own and reclaim responsibility for yourself and your actions – with the continued support of the NOVA Recovery staff and a new community of friends and loved ones devoted to supporting you in your continued personal journey. Read more…

Aftercare Program & IOP

At Nova, we know that the longer an individual participates in a residential drug and alcohol treatment center and in the continuum of care that follows, the success rate of achieving life long recovery increases. A large majority of our clients choose to participate in our Aftercare and IOP program, after completing our inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment center. Read more…

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Addiction Monitoring Program

The Addiction Monitoring Program aids in relapse prevention by equipping the recoveree with the tools necessary to combat alcoholism and addiction