Admission Coordinator Position at Nova Recovery Center
 (512) 605-2955

100% Confidential

Job Description:
The Admission coordinator is responsible for providing excellent customer service to clients, their family members, and referral sources.  They receive and process inquiry calls. They accurately qualify prospective clients for admission to Nova Recovery LLC by gathering appropriate data including all information necessary to verify insurance coverage, all clinical and medical information needed by the Clinical Director for screening, and referral source information for follow-up and marketing. They assist in locating suitable treatment resources when an individual is not appropriate for admission to Nova Recovery LLC and follow up on prospective clients who have contacted Nova requesting information. 

General Qualifications:
High school diploma or GED required. Must have excellent customer service skills, as well as excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong computer skills, and the ability to work with other departments within the Nova Recovery LLC programs.

Must have an understanding of the chemical dependency treatment setting, the philosophy of care, and a strong working knowledge of the 12 step recovery process. If in recovery, must have one year of continuous sobriety. Must be available to work on call rotation as scheduled.

If licensed, must maintain license in good standing with licensing agency.  Current LCDC or CI experience a plus for this position.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrates competence in appropriate processing of telephone and email inquiries by:
    1. Asking suitable questions on telephone and email inquiries to properly gather comprehensive information for the facility to evaluate appropriateness of client;
    2. Completing all inquiry and admission information completely and accurately in Best Notes;
    3. Presenting all information necessary to facilitate admission to appropriate departments;
    4. Coordinating admissions from referral sources and obtaining assessment documentation from them when appropriate;
    5. Gathering complete referral source information and disseminating information to the Business Development representative(s);
    6. Assisting in locating suitable treatment resources when an individual is not clinically or medically appropriate for the programs at Nova Recovery LLC; and
    7. Following up prospective clients who contacted Nova Recovery LLC requesting information.
  2. Demonstrates competence in follow-up procedures for inquiry call contacts by:
    1. Checking Best Notes on a daily basis to determine appropriate individuals to contact;
    2. Sending follow up cards, letters or emails to appropriate individuals in a timely manner; and
    3. Communicating effectively with others in the department regarding the status of follow up             contacts with potential clients.
  3. Demonstrates competence in customer care by:
    1. Presenting a professional appearance and greeting clients, their family members and referral             sources in a friendly and professional manner as warranted;
    2. Maintaining a positive attitude and manner in all contact situations with clients, visitors,             referral sources and staff;
    3. Disseminating information on programs offered at Nova Recovery LLC to clients, their family             members, and referral sources;
    4. Coordinating transportation for clients and family members, as appropriate or warranted;
    5. Providing facility tours to prospective clients and their family members upon request; and
    6. Responding to telephone calls and email inquiries in a professional manner.
  4. Demonstrates competence in the use of information systems by:
    1. Maintaining skill level appropriate for current job duties;
    2. Retrieving and sending e-mails;
    3. Properly using network access by following all computer policies and    procedures; and
  5. Maintains confidentiality in all matters pertaining to clients, staff, and any other information this position may be privy to.
  6. Acts as a representative of Nova Recovery Center at work and in the community by representing a favorable image of the center to all outside contacts with courteous and tactful behavior toward clients, visitors, and other staff.
  7. Demonstrates ability to be a team player by offering solutions to problems identified and participating in the Quality Assurance program, when appointed or able.
  8. Dresses in an appropriate manner according to the dress code.
  9. Able to work well under pressure.
  10. Responsible for being at work, on time, per the established schedule, as applicable.
  11. Practices in compliance with the Code of Ethical Conduct within the employee handbook.
  12. Completes required in-service training and continuing education within required timelines.
  13. Complies with all applicable Nova Recovery Policies and Procedures.
  14. All other duties and/or special projects as assigned by the CEO.