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Experts Warn of Coronavirus Wave of Mental Health Problems, Substance Abuse

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The coronavirus pandemic has left many Americans struggling financially, emotionally, and physically, as they face the side effects of social distancing, unemployment, physical or emotional abuse at home, addiction, and anxiety regarding the health and safety of loved ones. Often, people are left to face these challenging life circumstances without access to adequate help.


Supernatural Healing

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A native of Muskegon, Michigan, Paul Brewer was raised in a loving home with two supportive parents. As a child, Paul was very active in all kinds of sports and was a high-achieving honor roll student. He attended church with his parents regularly and was an active member of his congregation.


What Is Online Drug Rehab?

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The internet plays an important role in our daily lives. Most of us pay our bills online, communicate with coworkers, friends, and family, raise money for important causes, attend classes, and even date using the internet.


Can Addiction Change Someone’s Personality?

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If you have a loved one who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you’ve probably noticed a quick deterioration of his or her physical health. However, drastic personality changes often occur as a result of addiction too.

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