College Students and Drug Addiction: An IOP in Austin Can Benefit
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It’s that time of year again to get ready to go back to school which means buying textbooks, binders, backpacks, and the list goes on. Soon students will be staying up late studying for exams, pulling all-nighters, alcohol and binge drinking and taking prescriptions drugs.

Commonly Abused Prescriptions on College Campuses

Painkillers such as Vicodin, Percocet or OxyContin, stimulants like Adderall, and depressants such as Xanax or Valium are the most commonly abused prescription drugs on college campuses. Prescription drug abuse in college can be a slippery slope. Many college students believe prescription medications are safer than street drugs because they’re prescribed by a doctor.  All medications have risks, they’re only safe when directed taken for the patient who they were prescribed for, misusing or abusing prescription medication is very dangerous, and can be fatal. This can lead to the downfall to a student’s performance in college and jeopardize a student’s future.

So then why do our future leaders partake in dangerous illegal drug use? Once away from home many students are subject to the temptations and demands of college life with parental supervision. While some students abuse prescription medications to feel good to get high, plenty of students abuse prescription medications to help manage their daily college lives. The additional stress and anxiety of exams is sometimes too much for some to handle. Drugs such as Adderall allow will boost their moods, allow them to stay up all night studying and even increase their stamina on the field. In the competitive atmosphere of college even the best and brightest can feel the pressure to fit in socially and excel academically. Around 1/3 of college students will abuse prescription drugs during their college career, and About 2 in 3 college students are offered prescription drugs by their senior year.

Why Do College Students Binge Drink?

Alcohol abuse has long been a serious problem on many college campuses. Four out of five college students will consume alcohol occasionally during their college careers. 40% of college students have admitted to binge drinking at least once within the past two weeks after taking a survey by the National Institutes of Health. Binge drinking is defined as drinking heavily over a short period of time with the intention of becoming very drunk.

The question of “Why college students indulged in heavy drinking” if difficult to answer. Yes, many students see it as the forbidden fruit, especially for those who are under the age of 21. It helps erase inhibitions and is seen as a way to get rid of the stress of college life. The college party scene also adds to the over consumption of alcohol. Students drink to numb the pain of failed relationships. No matter what the reason is, drinking and using prescriptions drugs is problematic for college students.

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol will likely be one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever face. Addiction is a devastating, debilitating disease. Its fallout can be far-reaching and long lasting, with negative impacts on your life and the lives of everyone around you. Nova Recovery Center, a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, understands recovery is a continuous process. Our continuum of care is specifically designed for the highest possible outcomes for long-term sobriety. Contacting Nova Recovery residential drug and alcohol treatment center and our IOP Austin program is the first step in making lasting change. Call 855.834.6682 to speak to an admissions representative today.

IOP Austin Program (Intensive Outpatient Program)

Nova Recovery Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP Austin Texas) provides a high level of addiction treatment and care ideal for those individuals and busy college students needing ongoing support as they transition from an inpatient care setting or for those who know they have to make a change, but cannot commit to a residential treatment program.

The full IOP Austin program lasts around 8 weeks. This time frame allows for consistency, accountability, and practice the many new skills that Nova Recovery Center’s IOP in Austin covers. A strong sober social support system is crucial for long term success.