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Just as it takes time to develop the unhealthy thought and behavior patterns associated with addiction, it takes time to re-learn new, healthier ways of thinking and behaving. Long term addiction treatment is almost always needed to end an addiction and ensure ongoing successful recovery.

How Long is Long Term Addiction Treatment?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that there is no pre-determined length of time that’s recommended for addiction treatment, since individuals progress through treatment at their own rate.1 But the organization stresses that for residential or outpatient treatment, anything less than 90 days has limited effectiveness. Treatment that lasts considerably longer is recommended for the best possible positive outcomes.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Transforms Lives

Addiction treatment isn’t just about ending an addiction. It’s about helping you resolve the complex underlying issues that led to the addiction. It’s about helping you find true purpose and meaning in your life and regain a sense of joy and fun without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Both traditional and complementary treatment therapies are used in a high-quality long term addiction treatment program to approach problem-solving from a variety of angles. This holistic approach is the best way to treat addiction, since no single treatment works for every individual.2

What Happens After Treatment?

A long term addiction treatment program is designed to help you change negative patterns of thinking and behaving and develop the skills, strategies and techniques you need to reduce stress, combat cravings and cope with other powerful triggers to improve your chances of successful recovery. But once you’re finished with treatment, you’ll likely still need support, and an aftercare plan will be put in place to help you stay on the road to recovery during the early months and years of abstinence.


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