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Clients Testimonials

I’ve been to a few different treatment centers and this one was very special. The staff, clinical and recovery teams are amazing. I was a hopeless chronic relapser and was blessed to have the experience to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally and learned to live in a new way of life that I had never thought was possible for me. This is where my journey began and by the grace of the universe I am still continuing today. I have much gratitude to Nova the facility, staff, and true friends I have made there.

Josh P.

Nova changed my life. I’ve never seen a rehab mix the 12 steps into the curriculum so effectively. I am finally happy and feel prepared to begin my journey to recovery in the real world. The facility is like a resort and the recovery and clinical staff show how much they love their job and care. No program is perfect, but my overall experience at Nova is a 9 or 10.

Anthony C.

I now have the tools now that I have never been able to grasp. I fell confident that I know what need to happen for me to succeed in my new life, I am aware of my character defects, fears and resentments that keep me from being free. I think differently and see life from a new set of eyes. I am truly grateful for this program and the staff at Nova.

David R.

I have never learned as much about recovery as I did here. They really taught me a lot about myself. The therapist and groups were very informative. Everything was conducted extremely well well. We never experienced such a good foundation for my recovery. Nova taught me the way of the Big Book and what sobriety really looks like , The have given me the tools I always heard about but never put in to practice. Therefore they taught me how to use them. I feel much more hopeful for my sobriety.

Rita B.

I am so happy to of gotten the chance to come to Nova. I have learned way more than I ever thought possible. I never knew how important the 12 steps were until I came here. Since being here I already feel a change spiritually and it’s awesome.

Alexa G.