Client Testimonials - Nova Recovery Center Near Austin Texas

Clients Reviews


Thank you for giving me this new experience in sobriety. Mark Rector and Crystal B helped me so much. I so grateful for them.

Adam L


Nova changed my life. I’ve never seen a rehab mix the 12 steps into the curriculum so effectively. I am finally happy and feel prepared to begin my journey to recovery in the real world. The facility is like a resort and the recovery and clinical staff show how much they love their job and care. No program is perfect, but my overall experience at Nova is a 9 or 10.

Anthony C


I have the tools now that I have never been able to grasp. I fell confident that I know what need to happen for me to succeed in my new life, I am aware of my character defects, fears and resentments that keep me from being free. I think differently and see life from a new set of eyes. I am truly grateful for this program and the staff at Nova.

David R


I have been trying to get sober for 3 years and been to other rehabs several times being in AA all these years I never learned as much as Nova has taught me. I feel a spiritual connection and a peace today that I never felt before when I left treatment.

Juliana N


I have never learned as much about recovery as I did here. They really taught me a lot about myself. The therapist and groups were very informative. Everything was conducted extremely well well. We never experienced such a good foundation for my recovery. Nova taught me the way of the Big Book and what sobriety really looks like , The have given me the tools I always heard about but never put in to practice. Therefore they taught me how to use them. I feel much more hopeful for my sobriety.

Rita B


I believe everyone here, staff wise, is more than helpful and wants for me. My stay here was been comfortable and welcoming. The bonds I’ve made here are unreal. Overall grateful for the experience and hopeful for my recovery.

Dylan P


I am so happy to of gotten the chance to come to Nova. I have learned way more than I ever thought possible. I never knew how important the 12 steps were until I came here. Since being here I already feel a change spiritually and it’s awesome.

Alexa G