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Nova is proud to have three certified Daring Way™ facilitators on staff. The Daring Way™ curriculum, developed by Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW, is designed to help clients address maladaptive patterns of behavior associated with shame and vulnerability that create difficulties in their relationships and lives. At Nova, we use this program to specifically address how those behavior patterns are connected to clients’ use and relapse patterns and how to address the shame of their disease. Our experience in providing treatment showed us that insurmountable shame and the fear of being real and vulnerable are the primary perpetuators of use and relapse.


Our philosophy is based on helping clients look at their experiences differently and change their perspective so they can be more resilient in their journey forward. Our Clinical Director, who passionate about this work, explains the model:

“The analogy that works for most people is carrying a stack of books. We have all miscalculated the arrangement of a stack of books, and once we start carrying them we realize that this arrangement is not working for us. Most times we will stop and rearrange the books in an order that works better, is more manageable, and allows us to get to our destination easier. It is the exact same assortment of books, we just changed the way we dealt with it. It is the same with our emotional load. We aren’t erasing any parts of life, or events. That is impossible. But we can help them find a new way to look at and carry those burdens. We can help them find a new perspective – a different arrangement of the books.”



People are all reached in different ways. Our facilitators strive to find mediums that can speak to all clients. To do that, they use multiple approaches, including experiential exercises, associated art groups, and a plethora of videos and materials. We also incorporate components of the model into our family workshop, particularly the work on defense mechanisms and their effect on communication. We are willing to find a way to help each client and family find their truth and give themselves permission to walk the road of recovery with their whole heart.

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