Behavioral Therapies- Substance Abuse Treatment

Behavioral Therapies

Modifying Attitudes and Behaviors

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Behavioral Therapies

Modifying Attitudes and Behaviors

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Behavioral Therapy approaches help engage clients in drug abuse treatment, providing incentives for them to remain abstinent, modify negative attitudes and behaviors, and improve life skills to handle stressful circumstances and environmental cues that may trigger intense craving for drugs and prompt another cycle of compulsive abuse. Below are a number of behavioral therapies shown to be effective in addressing substance abuse.

Actual Treatment Groups

The Daring Way™ – Nova is proud to have three certified Daring Way™ facilitators on staff. The Daring Way™ curriculum, developed by Brene Brown, PhD, LMSW, is designed to help clients address maladaptive patterns of behavior associated with shame and vulnerability that create difficulties in their relationships and lives.

Awareness Group – A recovery-based group designed with high accountability. Clients identify behaviors and have the opportunity to understand how their attitudes and actions affect their families and friends. In addition, clients analyze how these continued behaviors affect their recovery community members. Once identified, clients make commitments to change their behaviors and ask the group to hold them accountable.

Process Group– Groups typically include ten to twelve individuals who may be dealing with similar issues. Though their stories differ, they share a common goal: to learn to listen and identify with others in a safe environment. There is a range of issues that can be negotiated within a group context that might take longer in individual counseling.

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