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Alcohol and drug addiction is a many-faceted disease with spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical consequences. NOVA’s program takes into account all of these factors, blending treatments to help clients create balance and harmony while dealing with personal issues. NOVA provides spiritual, emotional, and mental therapy while teaching the tools necessary to return to a whole and happy life.

Why 90 Days?

Drug and alcohol addiction and the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues surrounding it do not happen overnight. That makes it extremely hard to learn to face the world in just 30 or even 60 days. NOVA’s 90 day treatment program gives addicts and alcoholics more time to adjust to their new way of life, more time to work on the mental and spiritual tools they will use upon their transition to the outside world. It also provides more practice learning to live in a community of recovery, supporting others and being supported. By the time an addict or alcoholic transitions to the next step of recovery, he or she has learned and experienced more than in other facilities with shorter stays. Research has shown that longer treatment times equate to better outcomes, and NOVA puts that into action.

Gender Specific Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction issues are often complicated by relationships, codependency, and self-esteem issues related to opposite-sex interactions. Nova provides treatment options for clients who would benefit from removing these distractions by being grouped with only their own gender. Clients will work with advisors and clinicians of different genders, but their daily living and interactions will be with other addicts and alcoholics of their gender. For some people, this removes one of the major distractions that can get in the way of recovery.


Family plays an extremely important role in a client’s recovery. While your loved one is here, you will be involved in the process. Family counseling, personalized care, and an interactive update process will keep you informed and help you move forward. Our admissions counselors are also available to speak with family about helping a loved-one make the decision to get help. If you are tired, confused, worried, or all three, please contact us. We can help.

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Chronic Relapse

Many addicts and alcoholics suffer setbacks before finally finding balance. We specialize in dealing with people who have relapsed time and again. Though NOVA’s program is a strong start for anyone suffering from addiction, if you or a loved one cannot seem to stay sober long enough to begin healing, please contact us. We have combined decades of experience with addicts and alcoholics along with many success stories for even the most seemingly hopeless cases.

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