Residential Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Education

Treatment and Education

Addressing Addiction Issues in Education

Significant medical or mental health problems can affect your ability to attend classes or perform academically. Often time, poor academic grades or attendance history can be a strong indicator of addiction issues. When social use of a mind-altering substance, becomes a daily routine, most Universities have a process to assist students. In most cases, admitting into an inpatient residential treatment facility, will qualify as a Medical Withdraw.

Our staff at Nova Recovery Center can assist you with this process. We are a licensed inpatient residential treatment facility, defined by the Department of State Health Services, and we can help you follow the necessary processes, and provide you the necessary paperwork to ensure your education path, remains in tacked. To obtain additional information, on exploring this option, speak with your University’s Health Service Department and contact our admissions team or click here.

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