Long Term Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Career

Treatment and My Career

Addressing Professional Barriers to Treatment

Often times, the obstacle to enter into an inpatient treatment program, can be drive by one’s employment situation or career. As a solution, individuals calculate them amount a vacation time they have accrued or even consider resigning from their position. This can be a stressful situation and produce financial fear for any individual experience this. As an alternative to the above scenarios, the United Sates of Department of Labor has defined laws to assist with inpatient care or continuing treatment care.

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act under the Department of Labor, FMLA leave may only be taken for substance abuse treatment provided by a health care provider or by a provider of health care services on referral by a health care provider. Absence because of the employee’s use of the substance, rather than for treatment, does not qualify for FMLA leave. The employer may not take action against the employee because the employee has exercised his or her right to take FMLA leave for substance abuse treatment.

Our staff at Nova Recovery Center can assist you with this process. We are a licensed inpatient residential treatment facility, defined by the Department of State Health Services, and we can help you follow the necessary processes, and provide you the necessary paperwork to ensure your employment and career are safe. To obtain additional information, on exploring this option, speak with your company’s human resource department and contact our admissions team or click here.

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