Frequently Asked Questions - Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Common admissions questions about Nova Recovery Center.

Will insurance cover the cost of addiction treatment?

Depending on your insurance policy, you may have out-of-network substance abuse benefits available. The most common substance abuse benefits available are: detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. Depending on your policy’s out-of-pocket maximum and coinsurance, utilizing substance abuse benefits can make treatment affordable. Contact an admissions coordinator at 855.834.6682 for additional information and a verification of your benefits.

Is Nova an In-Network Provider?

No. Nova currently does not have any in-network contracts with private insurance companies. Nova does work with private insurance companies as an out-of-network provider, or through single case agreements.

Will I be able to make phone calls?

During your first seven days of treatment, no outgoing phone calls are allowed, unless it is an emergency. This time period allows you to focus on yourself and acclimate to the residential treatment program. After this time period, you will be permitted up to two scheduled, ten-minute phone calls per week. This schedule will remain as consistent as possible, allowing for you to make contact with your family and friends without playing phone tag.

For incoming calls outside of the schedule, a message will be taken and given to your counselor if the individual calling is on your approved caller list.

Will anyone know I am at Nova?

You have complete control of this information. As a Nova client, you are entitled to complete confidentiality with regards to your participation in treatment, and Nova staff will not inform anyone of your stay without explicit consent from you. Upon admission, you will be asked to complete a consent to release information, listing any and all entities that you will allow to seek information about your treatment. This list can be added to, amended, and rescinded at any time.

Can my friends and family visit?

Yes. Visitation is available after your first week in our care, and family and friends will be welcome to visit you every Sunday from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. In addition, visitors can bring you approved items such as clothing, books, or hygiene products that you may have forgotten.

Can I work out?

Yes. We have an onsite trainer that leads CrossFit™ sessions five days a week, and we host intramural basketball and volleyball games every Saturday. Check out our Fitness in Recovery page for more information.

Do we go to recovery meetings?

Yes. Our program includes attending recovery meetings around the Austin area six days a week. On Sunday evenings, we have an in-house speaker meeting.

How often will I meet with my counselor and recovery specialist?

You will meet with both your counselor and recovery specialist twice a week. In the event that your counselor or recovery specialist is sick or on vacation, one of our qualified staff members will hold sessions at this regularity until their return.

Do we attend outings?

Yes. Off-campus activities are scheduled twice monthly and come at no additional cost to treatment. These outings may include: bowling, putt-putt golf, a movie, or outdoor activities.

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